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Sunyogi in Goa



DATE:  Wed 2nd January - Fri 4th January, 2013

LOCATION: Whispering Lakes, Arambol, Goa, India

Join Sun yogi for this intensive workshop where he will bring his wisdom, understandings and teachings of the practice of sun gazing and various teachings including the 8 limbs of ashtanga yoga.

Sun yogi shares his deepest experiences that have arisen through his focused and intense practices of yoga. He talks passionately about living at the level of samadhi which many of his students have achieved through his teachings. He also shares his experience as a breatharian telling of his time in himalayan retreat when he ate no food and was completely sustained and noursihed by the prana (energy) of the sun for 2 years. 

Sunyogi selflessly shares his understanding and experience inspiring us to practice and explore our own true potential.

Sun Yogis teachings include:
How to practice Sunyoga.
The art and practice of sun gazing,
How to activate 22 chakras within the energetic body
Creation and the nature of the Universe
The eight limbs of ashtanga yoga
The nature of disease and how to cure diseases
The Universal formula of peace

2nd Jan 
           Check-in 12pm, 
           5pm : Intro to sun gazing Lecture
           Sunset Practice on the beach
3rd Jan
           Sunrise Practice 
           Lecture until breakfast
           Breakfast together 9.30- 10.30
           Lecture until  12pm
           Lecture 5pm
           Sunset Practice
4th Jan 
           Sunrise Practice
           Lecture until breakfast
           Check out 11am   

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5,000 (75 Euros) Rupees for workshop, accommodation & breakfast (fruit salad & banana smoothie)
3,400 (50 Euros) Rupees for workshop & breakfast

Discount price 
for TTC trainess 4,000 Rupees (60 Euros) includes accom & breakfast
ACCOMMODATION:  Modern bungalow style accommodation. Single occupancy with attached bath
Check in 2nd Jan 12pm , Check out 4th Jan 11am 
Please note sun swarmi does not put any specific cost on his teachings which are fundamentally given free of cost and from the heart. 
All proceeds go towards general expenses and the Universal Peace Center in Lachipur, near Kolkata, India which is essentially an Ashram for spiritual seekers to come together and evolve.
Additional donations for the ashram are gratefully accepted.

..............A means to connect to the divine through direct contact and communion with the sun.

Sunyogi Umasankar is an Indian Yogi  who has mastered the practice of Sunyoga and entered states of Samadhi.

Umasankar-Ji has led an extraordinary life full of very special experiences and events. One of the most fascinating events that happened to him was his meeting and Darshan with the great Himalayan yogi Babaji (mentioned in Yoganandas book autobiography of a yogi)

Extracts from sun yogis biography
While his stay in Simla Baba's little ashram it was in this first winter December 2007, when Mahaavatar Babaji gave darshan to Sunyogi Umasankar. He came to him in a ball of light bright as the sun, manifested partly in his bodily form and gave him answers to his questions of life. Mahaavatar Babaji shared his knowledge regarding the law of life and how and where time and life started creation through the five elements. In his second teachings during the following winter December 2008, Mahaavatar Babaji expanded the energetic body and awareness of Swami Umasankar gradually first through all layers inside the earth and of the atmosphere to show him how the elements and cosmic energy works on our planet. 

After a two years retreat of solitude high in the Himalayas Sun yogi has returned to the world to share the ancient teachings of Sunyoga and spread the message of ,,,,,

                                                                                                  .......Universal Peace & Unity

He has taught Sun Yoga to thousands of spiritual aspirants and ordinary householders from all over the world. Many people who have practiced sun yoga have experienced incredible psychological and physiological benefits.  As well as being a powerful healing tool the practice of Sun Yoga is known to create shifts in consciousness that ultimately lead to the experience of Samadhi.
For more information please visit the 

Sun yogi has lived for a 2 year period of time as a Breatharian.
Eating no food sustained only by the Suns energy


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