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“Students have loved the opportunity to study yoga in Goa where the sun shines all day long and the locals are friendly and easy going. We are lucky to be able to use venues that are located right near the beach so in between studying students can relax in the sun or go for a swim.

I personally love Goa for its nature; it’s really easy to take a short bike ride and find yourself in rural India where life becomes very simple and peaceful. The long beaches are ideal for walking, I often walk for hours along the coast having fun climbing over the rocks and finding quiet spots to watch for dolphins or meditate.

One of the great things about being in Goa is mingling with the International crowd. Goa is a magnet for all sorts of interesting, creative, artistic and spiritual people and there are always interesting events and gatherings to go to. Goa's Great!”                                         

-Scarlett (Tribe Primary Teacher)


Trainees enjoying time-out on the beach


Student Testimonials

Jasmine Gadie (USA): “My time at Tribe will forever be significant in my life. Like so many, my journey to yoga came as a way to save myself from becoming a lost soul. As an expat living abroad in South Korea, I lost both of my parents to heart failure and cancer within a 13 month period.  Feeling as though I had lost everything, I fell into a crippling depression that nearly destroyed me.  Practicing yoga and meditation was recommended to me by a friend as a way to ‘reclaim and re-center’ myself.  After several months of practice on my own, I could see change blossoming and a part of me emerging that I had not known before.  I wanted to learn the deeper aspects of yoga and how this knowledge could greater shape my life.  I came to Tribe with a sincere passion to ignite myself and flourish.  Not only had I awakened a sleeping yogini within, but I came away with deeper love for myself, serenity of life, compassion in the world, a connection of the mind-body-soul, and loving friendships.  All of my moments spent in the company of such amazing teachers, practitioners, spiritual seekers, and healers have elevated my personal practice to amazing heights.  My journey is never-ending and I revel in each day spent living and breathing yoga. I humbly thank my Tribe teachers and follow trainees for their gift of a love and light.”

Trent Banyan (Australia):

Since my 200hr teacher training with Tribe Yoga in January 2013, I have consistently had a daily practice, incorporating it into every aspect of my life. I managed to get a general class at the Yoga studio I attend called New Farm Power Yoga. This was a great honor for me as I idolize my teachers there. The trickle effect began, and I had a trial for a 90min Power Vinyasa class at another well established Yoga studio named Fusion Hot Yoga. After the class, I received a phone call to say that they were offering me two classes on a weekly basis. Since then I got offered another 2 classes at Active Life where I lead a 60min general class followed by a 90min Power Vinyasa Flow. I now have 6 regular weekly classes at great places, but the one I love the most is the one where I lead a class at a beautiful park near my house under the fig tree and the energy of the sun. After a 60min asana practice, I teach my students techniques in Pranayama and meditation. I can’t thank Tribe Yoga enough for the fantastic training I was provided. My yoga journey continually grows and my whole life feels in line with what the universe has in stalled for me. My classes are a credit to the teachings of the whole Tribe Yoga team and the countless gifts the other students on the course passed on to me! I am blessed to be a Yoga teacher.

Bogey Boyd (Canada):

My time at Tribe was nothing short of transformative. The teachings, the grand mix of people and the environment we practiced in were all completely conducive to reaching our highest potential. Like a jigsaw puzzle, the many pieces of my life seemed to just fall into place - albeit clumsily and not without a few painful face plants (metaphorically speaking of course...). Sayings like "where the mind goes the energy flows", and "practice and all is coming" were engrained into me by the words/teachings, which I was able to adopt into my daily life by ACTUALLY DOING THE WORK. Tribe is excellent at supporting people in achieving this. Six days a week. All day. The teachers always seemed to know when to push us, and when to let us rest; a very delicate balance was danced for 28 days and it was a dance unlike anything I had ever danced before!!! This YTT was tough. I will not sugarcoat my experience. It was rigorous, and it pushed my boundaries to the point that I became a completely different person. And the person that I became was the person I have always hoped to become: A loving man that does the work needed to be a healthy, self responsible individual that helps people to help themselves (including myself!). An excellent yoga teacher needs to harness compassion, tolerance, restraint, empathy, and so many more healthy concepts that help an individual become a true leader. Am I that teacher yet? Am I a Master? Heck no! But I have had a taste of it. And the flavor is amazingly tasty. I know in my heart that Tribe (and the Eight Limbs of Yoga as taught by Tribe) has shown me the path towards The Awesome (enlightenment, compassion, health, etc.). Now it's up to me to walk that path. Thank you so much for your guidance Tribe!!!!





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