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At Tribe trainings as well as working hard through practice and study we like to create an atmosphere which is relaxed and fun!
Our trainings emphasize that yoga is a part of everyday living, encouraging trainees to embrace yoga as a spiritual practice and utilize its value as a tool that leads to profound personal transformations.
We use Patanjalis yoga sutras as our main focus to illuminate our practice and take us on a journey of self discovery to enrich our understanding and practice of yoga.
With a modern and progressive approach the tribe yoga training continues to bring together people from all walks of live to enjoy an intensive month of yoga studies that offers are an opportunity to learn how to teach and, at the same time, deepen ones practice.
At Tribe we encourage all trainees to discover their own style and philosophy whilst embodying the teachings that will transform them into invaluable members of the yoga community.
We welcome people of all abilities and backgrounds to join us and explore how yoga can transform their relationship with themselves and the world they live in.

Student Testimonials
Stacey Camacho (Trinidad and Tobago): Words can’t express the experience of doing a Yoga Teacher Training with Tribe; especially doing it in India. Being in Goa-India, gives you the space to rediscover yourself and yoga. My yoga practice and lifestyle grew so much; it was like a baby breathing for the first time; difficult but blissful.  It was an intense course, but I felt that I was becoming self aware and able to live in the now. It was rough at times, but the teachers and my fellow students had their own stories and experiences, so it was a comforting and supporting environment. Also, being 2 minutes from the beach made it easy to find solace in nature.
The program has a holistic, integral approach to teaching Yoga; encompassing philosophy, yoga sutras, chanting, chakras, meditation, pranyama, asana, self practice, anatomy, teaching and many other elements. It was a space for us to express ourselves; to open up and "feel". We were able to enjoy life and we laughed, cried, sweated, moaned and danced :)
The teachers worked from a place that is not accessible by many; from their hearts and souls. They were such great role models, with positive energy and acceptance. Scarlett the tall, enlightened, wise, strong English woman who had the biggest smile and brightest laugh it would lighten up any room on a hot Indian day. Raquel, the beautiful, elegant, fun loving Spaniard whose elegance and soft sense of sincerity and kindness drew everyone in the class to her. Sequoia; the passionate, vibrant, woman who inspired and motivated us all; you feel her spirit as she entered the shala daily for meditation or chanting. Susie, the cute English woman whose genuine sweetness and smile made everyone happy. Marc; the inspiring yogi with a vibrant and charming personality that engaged and motivated everyone, andHamed; the calm and peaceful Iranian man who brought peace and stillness to the class with his wisdom.
My life and lifestyle have changed for the better and I am happy for that. I hope now for myself and for my fellow classmates that we can find a healthy balance between our life in India and our life at home. Right now my goal is just to float through life like an angel and just "Be". 

Ashleigh (South Africa) "My experience with Tribe yoga and Scarlett went way beyond my expectations. The course was interactive, practical and hands-on but at the same time created room for individual self-enquiry. The venue was beautiful and a perfect environment to practice yoga. Scarlett and the other teachers are world-class and I found all their knowledge invaluable. The material was presented in a way that encouraged me to find and develop my own style of practice. I left feeling relaxed and rejuvenated, with a deeper understanding of my own mind and body and of yoga. I also left feeling inspired and confident to go forth and teach yoga to others"

Fran (UK) "It is now some 3 months since I came home from the teacher training in Goa and I wanted to write and tell you what an incredible impact the month on the course had, and continues to have, on me.  My practice is stronger than ever and I am doing a lot of reading around the philosophy of yoga and how to make every minute an extension of my mat practice.  Yoga is now integral to how I live my life.
I was sticking photos of everyone on the course in my album yesterday and it got me thinking about the wonderful teachers that you brought in for us, supporting your own amazing style and bringing their knowledge and wisdom to us, sharing so fully and happily what they knew.  What a gift.  All the teachings were so powerful that I still hear them in my head each time I hit the mat, and they encourage me to do well and to be strong and authentic
Thank you so much for organising and leading the course.  It could have been twice as long and I would still have been reluctant for it to end.  It seemed that everything was organised to give us the best experience, and yet there was no fuss, no headless chicken stuff – not that we got to see anyway!  The food was great, the setting couldn't have been better, I loved my comfortable hut.  All in all it was the experience of a lifetime, the best gift I have ever given myself and I will never forget those four amazing weeks.......Namaste"

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Yoga Teacher Training Goa, India and Thailand
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