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Yoga Teacher Training, Rishikesh, India

Yoga Teacher Training Course Rishikesh, India
Level 1, 200 hour & Level 2, 500 hour Yoga Alliance Teaching Certificate

One Month Residential Yoga Intensives 
Internationally Recognised 200hr Certification 
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Ashtanga, Vinyasa Flow & mixed styles
200 hr
 Yoga Teacher Training Course in RISHIKESH, INDIA, Level 1
Classes, lectures and all teaching materials in ENGLISH

2nd - 23rd April 2016
200hr, 3 week Intensive training
Please note that to sucessfully cover the required 200 hrs in 3 weeks requires a
strong commitment from participants to give themselves fully to the scheduled hours.
Max number of students = 12 
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Every year Tribe offers Yoga Teacher Training Courses in Rishikesh attracting international students who would like to study yoga whilst enjoying the spiritual ambience of one of Indias most holy towns. 
Rishikesh has a very special energy. In the market place & temples there is always a beautiful peace and serenity that has a positive and balancing effect on the soul. 
A special attraction and powerful positive energy in the area is the holy river Ganges, revered as having healing qualities. Taking a plunge in the fresh himalayan waters definately feels very rejuvenating, cleansing and nourishing for the soul. The banks of the Ganges are lined with ashrams and Temples receiving a constant flow of pilgrims and spiritual seekers. 

This mecca for yoga aspirants and spiritual seekers makes it easy for students and teachers to be focused and grounded. As well as the teacher trainings there are many wonderful classes, spiritual leaders,  teachers & courses dedicated to self development for you to participate in before and after your training.

Tribe has a deep appreciation of Rishkesh as an ideal location for a teacher trainings. We encourage students who would like to explore the benefits of living and breathing in a spritual community to join us in Rishikesh to train.

 Date & location   Teaching Team  Teaching Assistants 
 Level 1, Rishikesh April 2016    Safah, Lisa     

rishikesh yoga teacher training

TYPICAL DAILY SCHEDULE for 3 week training
   6.00 - 10.00....Asana, pranayama, kriya, meditation
10.00 - 10.30.....Breakfast
10.30 - 13.30.....Morning lecture
15-30 - 18.30.....Teaching skills and practice
19.00 - 19.30.....Dinner
20.00 - 21.00.....Group study, meditation or chanting
Generally the 200hr level 1 trainings require 4 weeks for completion. This 3 week level 1 training is made possible by a 11 hrs per day schedule as detailed above. The content and quality of the training is not effected by the shorter training period and you can expect to have reached a level of competance and efficiency in teaching that will allow you to confidently start teaching on completion.
During the 3 week training period there will be 2 full days off. 

FEES: 1795 Euros includes:
Tuition, Study Materials, Certification, Student support, single accom, meals (except on days off)

Simple accommodation with attached bathrom, hot showers & balcony, see images below
Check in on 2nd April, Closing ceremony ends on Friday 23rd April, Offical check out on 24th April

As much as possible we supervise the kitchen to supply us with meals that follow conscious eating and satvic principles. There are no scheduled meals on the days off.
The venue has a restaurant that is open all day and room service.

Purification Day
Sunday is purification day. Expect variations in the meals according to the teachings of the week. It could be a day of fruit only meals, a day of brown rice only meals or a day of fasting (drinking water or herbal tea only).

Eating out

You can eat out at many of the restaurants in Ram Jhoola or Laxman Jhoola. A simple thali costs from Rs 70. On average budget approx Rs 150-300 per meal. 

Tribe Teachers after a dip in the River Ganga

Useful website for RISHIKESH INFO

Culture Shock?
Compared to the West a training in India offers a very different and unique experience and we think it is our duty to remind anybody who is travelling to India to recognise that India can be a bit of a culture shock as it is has many wonders and oddities that westerners may not be used to.

India is a beautiful, colourful, vibrant place and every day brings something new and unexpected. There is a certain kind of freedom here that you dont get in the west whereby everyone has a responsibility to themselves and each other........there is always someone ready to help you and things seem to often happen in a totally spontaneous and magical way.

Culturally India is very different and we wish to advise any hopeful students that its best to be prepared to let go of any expectations or ideas and surrender into the 'Indian experience'

You will experience different customs and contrasting belief systems if you come to India. Things will happen in a way that you may feel is not 'normal' and you will find a quite different mentality, which for many is refreshing:
  • In shops and restaurants service is slow and never very efficient,
  • There are often power cuts which can disrupt internetting and services.
  • Not everywhere has hot water.
  • There are various insects and creatures that you may not ever see in the west that are more common place to see here in India.
  • There are Indian style toilets and often no toilet paper, instead the custom is to use a water spray  or to splash on water with the left hand. Indians generally do not like to shake hands ....... especially the left one!!!
  • There is little recycling and the burning of plastic and the throwing of rubbish and litter is a growing environmental concern and can be quite saddening,
  • There are beggars and many people living without the normal home comforts that we enjoy in the west.
  • Traffic is crazy!
  • The weather is becoming more and more unpredictable (like the rest of the world!).
  • The concept of health and safety dosen't really exist in India and a certain kind of functioning chaos prevails.
All the above and more may take individuals out of their comfort zone and in most cases this is just a healthy and welcome challenge to surrender and enjoy all the good things about India, the beauty, the fun, the magic, the unexpected, the differences, the people, the nature, the freedom etc. 

We definitely do not want to put you off ! .......but we want to remind you that India isn't the west and its a good idea to be ready for a different rhythm and the new flavor to life that India will offer you.

'yoga hotel' located in a peaceful quiet residential area in Swargashram, Ramjula, Rishikesh.
Situated in a peacefull location just a 10 minute walk from the sacred and holy river Ganges.


Rooms are simple with attached bathroom and private balcony. Room service is available.

      rishikesh tribe teacher training 2010            
The spacious and well equiped yoga shala is located on the top floor of the building.

All Foreign Nationals travelling to India require a visa.

Contact the Indian Embassy in your country for details of how to apply for a visa. You will need to check the validity of the visa possible for your nationality. It could be 6 months but in some cases it may only be 3 months.

The visa will start from the day of issue, so don't apply too early; however you should check to see how long a visa application will take as it varies from country to country. 


Please check with your local travel clinic and ask their advice so you can make your own informed choice as to whether you want to take any vaccines or medicines. 

Many of us here at Tribe do not subscribe to western medicines as many are controversal and produce ugly side efects. We do recommend that you invest in a good travel insurance then if the unexpected happenes you will be well looked after by the great hospitals and medical teams here in Goa.


The closest International Airport is Delhi

Domestic Flight
: You can fly from Delhi to Dhera Dun Airport and then catch a taxi from there to Rishikesh

Train: You can go to any travel agent in Pahar Ganj (opposite the New Delhi Railway Station) and they will help you book a train. You want to take a train from New Delhi to Hardiwar.  
Be aware of when your stop is coming up; talk to the people on the train and ask for their help locating your stop. Haridwar is not the train’s final stop.

From Hardiwar: To reach Rishikesh from the haridwar train station: 


  •  A local bus (Rs 25 maximum), which will take you to Rishikesh and then a rickshaw (approximately Rs 30) to Ram Jhoola
  •  An auto rickshaw (Rs 150-250 for a private ride), which takes approximately one hour directly to
     Ram Jhoola;
  •  A private taxi may cost up to Rs 700 for the same ride directly to Ram Jula.

Taxi:  From delhi  you can hire a private taxi 3,500-4,500 rupees

We do not recommend that you take a bus from Delhi directly to Rishikesh - it’s a long and tiresome journey. However, if you do wish to travel in this way, it will cost you anywhere from Rs 200-450.

For cheap international flights go to www.kayak.com

For domestic flights try www.journeymart.com or www.makemytrip.com

To the venue

Once you reach Rishikesh you need to get off at Ram Jhoola, Swarg Ashram.

If you have heavy bags you can hire a porter. Its about a 15 minute walk to the venue.

Cross over the Ram Jhoola foot bridge into Swarg Ashram.

Turn right and then left (for reference you are heading towards the post office).

You will go past the famous two choti wala restaurants, Continue up the twisting sloped path and then around to the left going past Swargashram Gaddit

Turn right at the next junction and walk about 300 meters

Follow the signs to the venue. 





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