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Racheal Burns

Born in Cambridge in 1983, Rachael is mad about fitness. Having grown up with active parents, holidays and weekends were always on the move, either cycling, walking, camping or all 3. Meals at home were always fresh, home cooked and healthy. However, it was during her studies at university in 2003 she developed a passionate interest in the effects of a healthy diet and lifestyle on a person's physical and mental well-being. Long hours glued to a computer, reading and writing essays, weekends out at the pub and late nights could have been exhausting. Daily exercise and eating clean were her saving grace! It was then she began reading extensively about nutrition and exercise and studying yoga poses.

In 2007 after realizing that office work was not for her, Rachael moved to Mexico to work as part of an animation team teaching fitness classes, stretching classes and performing daily dance shows. During this time, she studied and tested different habits that influence metabolism, energy levels and sleep patterns. In May 2011 she completed a 200 hour Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training course and followed this in July with a Personal Training diploma with Premier Global Training International. Furthermore she obtained certificates in Pre and Post Natal exercise, Kettle Bell Training and Medicine Ball training.

Since August 2011 she has been working as a Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher, with a growing list of happy clients. Giving up to 32 hours of private sessions each week and 4-5 hours of classes, she has gained substantial hours of experience with clients ranging from 24 to 72 years of age. Her clients’ needs are also varied, many seek to lose weight and increase their muscle tone whilst others are recovering from serious injuries, debilitating operations and a lowered self-esteem. Her classes include yoga, bootcamp and water based aerobics.

Rachael's belief is that exercise is more than just sweating or burning off the extra pounds gained last Christmas. It is a way to increase confidence, improve posture, boost energy levels and bring hormones into balance. She trains clients using a mixture of techniques so they can improve their relationship with their bodies and learn to listen to it's needs, after this, the rest flows naturally. 

In 2011 Rachael began training to become Thai Yoga Massage Therapist with Kira Balaskas, a renowned Thai Massage teacher. This therapy specific to her training embraces the use of meditation to calm and focus the mind. It has been a great tool with her clients, to assist them in stretching and improving their flexibility as well as to improving her own meditation practice. 


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