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Certificates & Insurance

Tribe is registered with the following International yoga organizations to offer
200hr and 500hr yoga teacher certifications

  yoga alliance certificate school   300hr yoga alliance certificate                  
                  Yoga Alliance       European Yoga Alliance    Yoga Register
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Tribe trainings offer intensive yoga studies to establish the necessary tools, skills and understanding that teaching with confidence, sensitivity and precision requires. The certificate which Tribe issues to succesful graduates will open the doors of employment and meet the requiremnts to be eligible for liability insurance.

The certificate may allow you to teach as a 'professional' however we wish to mention that a certificate does not magically make you a yoga teacher. What will support you to become a great teacher is the quality of training you complete, your dedication to practice and your passion to share the yoga teachings with others. All of our graduates receive a comprehensive training that, in our experience, gives them the foundation to become great teachers and they also receive the certification which allows them to enter the yoga teaching profession. 


As a successful graduate of Tribe Yoga Teacher Training you receive a certificate that states you have completed 200 or 300 hours of teacher training. 

Level 1 graduates can register as a RYT 200
Graduates of both level 1 and level 2 trainings can register as RYT 500

Yoga teaching regulations in Britain THE FACTS

ATTENDANCE: 95% attendance is required in order to receive a certificate. Since the trainings are scheduled as intensives there is very little room for non-attendance. 
In the case of continuous non-attendance additional hours of study on a future training will be required and a certificate of either 100, 150 or 175 hours will be issued to reflect the hours completed. Additional hours of study are subject to a teaching fee. If a student has a slight illness we encourage them to attend the class and observe, as it is our experience that by being present and listening many of the teachings can be still be digested. If illness is severe we request to be informed so that if necessary we can call a doctor on your behalf.

CERTIFICATION: Certificates are presented to trainees on the basis of performance and attendance throughout the training. All students are required to achieve 75% pass rates in exams and assessments. If a student fails in any part of the training re-takes will be offered.  
It is Tribes experience that all students who apply themselves to the best of their ability pass. However in the unlikely event that a student has not grasped the fundamentals of teaching or cannot teach in a safe and effective way Tribe reserves the right to maintain its teaching standards. In cases where the standard has not been met 'further training recommended before teaching the public' will be added to the certificate. The standard certificate can be issued at a later date whenever the student feels ready to demonstrate that basic standard of teaching has been further developed this can be attained by completion of set assignments after the training and submitting a video teaching a short class demonstrating improved teaching skills.

RECEIVING Certificates: Level 1 cerficates are presented to trainees at the closing ceremony, Level 2 graduates receive their certificate either at the closing ceremony or by post, depending on when the non-contact hour assignments are submitted.

Lost or Damaged Certificates: If you require a replacement certificate due to damage or loss please contact us. Re-issue of a Yoga Teacher Certificate is subject 15 euros and includes postage and packing.

Membership with a Yoga Organization: With your Tribe Certificate you can register as a member of one of the many existing yoga organizations around the world.

You can sign up with Yoga Alliance, The European Yoga Alliance or The Yoga Register as a graduate of a member school. 

Yoga organizations can be informative and a good place to network however it is not a necessity to register as a member of any yoga organization if you wish to teach or get insured.

Tribe recommends the Yoga Register, a yoga organization created by ‘elder’ yoga teachers that has a very integral way of assessing the schools that they register. www.theyogaregister.org.
The yoga alliance has a high profile in the yoga community so you may wish to register with them to have the RYT initials to your name.

Graduating from a registered yoga school and attaining a Yoga Teacher Certificate gives you some credibility as a yoga teacher. With your training certificate you can apply to get liability insurance from many insurance companies that offer sports related insurance policies.

If you are employed by a yoga or health organization to teach then you will most likely be covered through the company insurance and will not need to apply for you own personal insurance although some people consider it a good idea if you live in the West to have your own insurance policy.

It is not necessary to sign up as a member of any yoga organization to get insurance, a certificate is all you need. 

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